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convenient, cheap and effective system of preseparated waste collection from residents

waste separation enabling more effective recycling of recyclable materials, and consequently clean environment

employing and assisting in maintaining jobs, vocational guidance, system of training, vocational assistance and care

persons with disabilities as fullycompetent workers appreciated by employers and coworkers

social enterprise which aims at supporting persons with disabilities in finding and maintaining jobs

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The movie “Recycling of souls’” by Piotr Małecki at international film festivals!

The movie “Recycling of souls” about workers of the EKON Association produced by Piotr Małecki

will be presented on two international festivals. The first of them is the New York Sprout Film Festival

to be held from 31 May to 2 June, and it will show films about persons with intellectual and mental

disorders. More information about this festival is available at:

The second festival when “Recycling of souls” will be shown is L.E.S* Film Festival to be held from 13-

23 June in the heart of the artistic world, i.e. Lower East Side at Manhattan. At this new but quickly

renowned by critics festival, artistically new and low-budget movies are presented. The invitation

to this festival and presentation of “Recycling of souls” are the proof of appreciation expressed

by organisers of this festival for this movie and its author. More information about this festival is

available at:

We congratulate Piotr, and we keep fingers crossed for shows!

Link to the movie:

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